Increase immunity through medicine

 Increase immunity through medicine

Nowadays, corona is on the rise. Now all the people have to know  for corona how to do home care without going to the hospital. We are very confuse which we called corona, which we called viral infection and which we called normal.

Any person in the house whose illness has started, fiver coming, body pain are present. There is no need to panic, there is no need to be afraid and no need to test corona. Any viral infection possible in people who have  temperature of more than 100.4c.

Corona will usually increase in three days. Symptoms begin to appear in four to seven days through breathing problem. Generally this is very Dungarees. Symptoms begin to appear in four to seven days.

How to take care of you at home :

First of all, you should eat food supplements and more vegetables. Ginger and lemon should be used more. No veg must be kept restrictions.



vitamin-c tablet

 It contains lots of vitamin-c which increase our body immunity power. Only body immunity power can save us from CORONA. TWO tablets in a day recommended by doctor.


 Every body should take calcium supplement or vitamin-d for increase our body immunity power.  Now a days it is very important to care body immunity to fight corona virus



some time duration use sanitizer more. sanitize your hand front and back side properly. It is best habit to fight corona virus. Don’t touch nose and mouth with out wash or sanitize


Infection person must use mask, So as not to spread infection to others. Other person can use cloth mask or normal mask.

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